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PORTO ROCHA Year in Review: 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we’d love to take a moment to celebrate our projects, our accomplishments and the hard work that went into them. It’s been a major year at PORTO ROCHA: a year of growth, learning and discovery as we expand our horizons and dive into new challenges, working together to create meaningful design for today's world. As we embark on Year 3, let’s take one look back.

Let's start by looking at this year's stats:

Number of projects completed



Number of full-time team members



Number of nationalities in the team



Meet the team 🤝

Our team collaborated across 10 cities and 4 time zones

Industry Breakdown

We worked on a wide range of industries, including a few new ones.

And we collaborated with some incredible clients.

From all over the world.

Project types

As expected, we did a lot of branding. But to get more specific, here is this year's breakdown:

On July 29th, we reached our Slack peak with 1,333 messages in a single day.



On August 24th alone we shared 148 files on Slack — let’s just say it was a busy summer.


And through it all, we downsized our Dropbox usage to 2.57TB 🙂 (Thanks Figma).



Following our tradition, here is a list of fonts we used in 2021.

ABC Diatype

ABC Ginto

ABC Gravity

ABC Repro

ABC Arizona Flare

Art Company Mono

Circular Spotify

Caslon Ionic

Coinbase Sans

FK Grotesk

FK Olympikus

Futura Extra Bold Condensed

Girott Bold

Good Sans

Harmonia Sans

Helvetica Bold

ITC Crushing

Lettera Mono

Lettera Text

LL Supreme

MD Nichrome

Midnight Sans

Netflix Sans

Noi Grotesk

Oatmeal Sans

Pinterest Sans

Plaax Bold


Plantin MT STD


Scto Grotesk B

SF Pro


Solana Sans

Thorowgood Grotesque

Upwork Neue Montreal

Upwork RZA




New Project

Brooklyn Rail: Only Anthropophagy Unites Us?

We were invited to be guest designers for the Brooklyn Rail’s February 2021 issue on Anthropophagy (in English and Portuguese!) by Tiago Gualberto, Sara Offino and an amazing group of collaborators.

New Project


Our new identity and system design for Olympikus, Brazil’s biggest sneaker company, has been almost two years in the making. After extensive testing and product prototyping, the new identity started rolling out through all of the brand's touchpoints including campaigns, events and—of course—sneakers.


New Project


We developed the new identity system for the super fast delivery app Gopuff, which rolled out just as fast across social, digital and out-of-home takeovers in major global cities (London, New York, Philadelphia, just to name a few).


New Project

Netflix Geeked

We helped Netflix rebrand their popular NX social channel as Geeked, a place for genre fans to come together and geek out over Netflix content. The new identity came to life during Geeked Week, a massive virtual event reaching millions of fans around the world.

New Project

H&M Role Models

Earlier this spring, we designed H&M's global campaign to support the role models of today: kids! The initiative aimed to spotlight and empower young role models as they catalyze change for social equality, sustainability, education and more.


New Project

The Wildest

We crafted a brand for The Wildest, the platform and information resource helping humans keep their cool in the wild world of pet parenting. Classically editorial with a playful twist, the identity is always a little unexpected — just like pets.


New Project

Nike Be True 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✨

Together with the Nike team, we reimagined Be True — a platform to champion and celebrate LGBTQIA+ athletes and global creators. The ever-evolving identity system puts the community's voices front and center and reflects the fluidity of contemporary queer identities.

Proudly in Motion


New Project


Ahead of its time, Upwork is one of the first remote work marketplaces connecting freelance talent across the globe. In collaboration with ALTO NY and the Upwork team, we created a comprehensive identity system to visualize the brand’s creativity and innovation — foregrounding the community of over 18 million freelancers who make Upwork a success.

….and the animations are lovely.


New Project

Tudum Year two

The Almanac came back… with a spiral. 🌀 Following last year’s success, we worked with Netflix to launch the second edition of Tudum, a 200+ page almanac filled with nostalgic throwbacks, exclusive content, and interactive spreads that celebrate Netflix’s 10 year anniversary in Brazil. In less than 24 hours, over 200k copies were claimed and shipped out to fans all over the country (for free).


New Project


With one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the industry, Solana is making a huge impact in the crypto space. We worked closely with the Solana team to create a robust brand identity system that supports fast growth and scalability.


Read More


Last year we worked with No Ideas and Verso Books to design the cover for Comrade, a publication featuring Jodi Dean’s namesake political essay. This year, it was translated and launched in Portuguese.


New Studio

We officially secured a new studio space in Bushwick and have been patiently waiting (not really) for the renovation to conclude so we can move in. Looking forward to welcoming more IRL in 2022.


(We tried to keep it chill but…)

PORTO ROCHA Vol. 2 We made a playlist during the Fall, featuring a compilation of some of our favorites from everyone on the team.

New Project


Fueled by fans and approved by artists, the world’s leading music video network Vevo is all about amplification. Our extensive rebrand went big, launching a motion-driven system of elements that center artists and adapt seamlessly for different channels, audiences, and vibes.


Behind the Scenes

Studio Trip ❤️

From Brooklyn to the Berkshires, we got the whole gang together for the first PORTO ROCHA offsite. (And discovered we have some 🧑‍🍳s in our midst…)

New Project


A team of leading minds from design, tech, and architecture (including the renowned architect Bjarke Ingels) announced the first location for Nabr — a people-first, sustainable housing company. We crafted the brand identity and design system for this ambitious initiative that reimagines the way we develop, purchase and experience homes.

And that's a wrap

Thanks for stopping by.

As we look back at our second year of PORTO ROCHA, we are so proud of what we've accomplished as a team — and just as excited for what's to come. Here’s to even more inspiring projects, collaborations, and camaraderie in 2022. ❤️

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