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For DJs, it all starts with the tracks: discovering new songs, unearthing deep cuts, mixing and recontextualizing, and ultimately sharing what you make with others.

Enter BPM Music, the leading suite of digital music services offering access to a vast library of songs and sounds from nearly every genre: electronic, hip-hop, R&B, Latin, and more. Operating at the intersection of music and tech, BPM functions as a record pool of recordings from 100+ prominent labels — ready to be used by DJs, producers, musicians, and other industry pros.

Already known for their library, what BPM lacked was an identity that would allow them to show up as a leader in both music tech and music culture. The new identity system and website do just that — giving BPM a sharper visual expression and a more confident point of view in their space.

Riffing on the visual cues of track mixing, the system transforms simple elements into ownable gestures that connect back to BPM’s product without being too literal. In layouts, vertical dividing lines reminiscent of beat intervals create visual rhythm; in a new logo, the symbol references keys of a keyboard, drum pad or a laptop, playing on the brand's musical and technical sides.

Inspired by nightlife event posters, BPM’s bold, condensed headline typeface allows the brand to feature artist names more prominently in communications. We expanded a previously-limited color approach to match the energy of the music community, combining electric hues that recall buttons on DJ controllers with trustworthy neutrals. The palette brings clarity to BPM’s brand architecture, too; products and sub-brands each get their own color within an intuitive system.

Creating a truly intuitive experience was also at the core of the website redesign. Featuring editorial modules, engaging interactions, and a dark mode reflective of a nightlife setting familiar to their DJ audience, the new site makes the music discovery process even more effortless and enjoyable.

With all elements of the identity in sync, BPM Music’s visual language finally reflects both the precision of their product and the culture of their community.


Creative Direction:
Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto

Claren Walker

Joseph Lebus, Natalia Oledzka, Martín Azambuja, Chae Park, Mauro Bonillo

Interactive Design:
Marcos Rodrigues, Giovana Yahiro

Motion Design:
Thales Muniz, Duncan Brazzil

Tone of Voice:
Rebecca Demmellash

Project Management:
Elisa Bortolini

Account Director:
Luciana Thiesen

Angel “AROCK” Castillo

Head of Product:
Jeff Irizarry

Creative Director:
Antonio Cabral

Product Design Lead:
Matthew Beck

Head of Marketing:
Orlando Padilla

Digital Marketing Manager:
Christine Doyle

Head of Operations:
Raj Thomas

Web and Product Development:

Campaign Photography:

Case Study Production

Interactive Design:
Marcos Rodrigues, Giovana Yahiro

Motion Design:
Thales Muniz, Gerard Mallandrich, Vincenzo Ragona, Josh Krauth-Harding

Mari Juliano
FYM Agency

Annie Carmichael

Yedo Han

Project Management:
Elisa Bortolini


BPM Gravity Extra Condensed by ABC Dinamo
Gerstner Program Medium by Forgotten Shapes

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