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Breaking pet brand conventions with a design-forward approach, LUNGE makes contemporary dog accessories that merge premium materials with playful design. Prior to the launch of their first collection (featuring Napa leather collars, harnesses, and leashes) we worked closely with the brand’s founder on an identity that would influence everything from logo and packaging to photography and e-commerce experience.

Similar to the communication style of fashion brands, LUNGE embraces experimentation, editorial campaigns, and recognizable form factors. The custom wordmark features playful, blocky letterforms that set a confident tone for the brand and create tension with the products’ plush, organic shapes. The signature “L”—with an angle that nods to the movement of a lunge—was designed to scale, bringing brand presence down to subtle details like product hardware.

Anchored in black and off-white with accents of cornflower blue and moss, the color approach spans brand communication to the products themselves: timeless enough to be used season after season, fresh enough to stand out in the pet category.

In the months to come, LUNGE will continue to play with the boundaries of the pet category through unexpected design and collaborations — setting a new category standard for the next generation of dog parents.



Creative Direction: Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto
Design: Eyal Chowers, Yedo Han, Marek Nedelka
Interactive Design: Marcos Rodrigues
Motion Design: Thales Muniz, Vincenzo Marchese Ragona
Account Direction: Luciana Thiesen
Project Management: Samantha Cruz
Case Study Photographer: Flavio Melgarejo
Case Study Production: Annie Carmichael
Case Study Retouching: Rodolfo Mello


Founder & Creative Director: Nicholas Schroder
Photographers: Geelherme, Ryan Duffin
Photo & Light Assistants: Nicola Pianalto, Eyal Chowers
MUA: Marcelo Gutierrez
Hair: Sonny Molina
Stylist: Bárbara Velez, Claren Walker
Human Models: Memphy, Serena Morris, Miguel Smith
Dog Models: Twig, Friday, Prada, Pascal, Tupac, Breezy, Martha, Hanna, Stella
Production: Nicholas Schroder, Annie Carmichael
Casting: Nicholas Schroder, Arielle Berman
Retouching: Geelherme, Lorenzo Rossano, Rodolfo Mello, Ryan Duffin
Product 3D: Tom Hancocks
3D Animation: Estudi Image
Sound: Deekapz
Web Development: Open Statement


Untitled Serif Regular, by Kilm
Saans from Displaay

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