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Conceived by Brazil-born, London-based photographer and creative director Mico Toledo and designed by us, QUILO is a single edition publication that brings together the work of 38 contemporary photographers and six writers from Brazil. An unprecedented collection of some of the country's best documentary photography and writing.

Over the past few years, conservative ideologies have had a negative impact on Brazil's cultural environment. Against this backdrop, documenting the numerous communities that inhabit the country's political landscape, the magazine can be seen as an act of rebellion or a testament of love and resilience - a sanctuary in print. It celebrates Brazil's diverse creative community and serves as a counter-reaction the growing extremism and intolerance in the country, under the oppressive rule of the former president.

Spanning across 300 pages, the magazine is an amalgamation of short stories and visuals from over 40 contributors such as Jonathas de Andrade, Valda Nogueira, Rodrigo Oliveira, Stefanie Moshammer to name a few. It takes readers on a meandering journey from the northernmost reaches of the country to its southern tip. With each section introduced by writers from that region, readers get a glimpse into the folklore of the country. It strives to add depth and texture to the stories, while oscillating between photographs that capture moments frozen in time overlayed with grainy texture, muted tones and words that evoke emotion to guide the reader to the heart of the narrative.

The editorial design and visual language of QUILO captures the essence of Brazil in the present day. The layouts, inspired by Brazilian Modernist design vernacular, are raw and bold. While the neutral and approachable kraft paper cover speaks to a more rustic side of the country. The typography combines a classic serif and a condensed neo-grotesque with expressive details, creating a feeling that is both contemporary and timeless. The interplay between tension and fluidity is created by the juxtaposition of free flowing visuals punctuated with text.

QUILO was globally released in December 2022, and though the magazine stems from Brazilian culture Toledo made a choice to print in english with the intention to amplify Brazilian voices. As Mico shared in an interview with Dazed, *“a lot of people in Brazil don’t know about all these stories but I felt the need to expand and explore them with a bigger audience.” *


QUILO Editor & Creative Director:
Mico Toledo

Creative Direction:
Leo Porto, Felipe Rocha

Natalia Oledzka
Vitor Carvalho
Felipe Rocha

Project Management:
Elisa Bortolini

Copy Editor:
Luis Campagnoli

Joanna Creswell

Cover Paper:
GF Smith Neenah Environment

Inner Paper:
Lessebo Design 1.3 NI 100 gm²


Photography Contributors:
Affonso Uchôa, André Cepeda, André Penteado, Camila Falcão, Camila Svenson, Celso Brandão, Cícero Costa, Coletivo Trëma, Desali, Diego Bresani, Edu Simões, Fabricio Brambatti, Felipe Russo, Fernanda Frazão, Gabo Morales, Gabriel Carpes, Gabriela Portilho, Giovana Schluter Nunes, Gui Galembeck, Igor Furtado, Jonathas de Andrade, Julio Bittencourt, Karoline Karlic, Marco Antonio Filho, Mico Toledo, Miguel Salvador, Ramírez-Suassi, Roberta Sant’Anna, Romy Pocz, Rodrigo Oliveira, Silvino Mendonça, Stefanie Moshammer, Tommaso Protti, Tuca Vieira, Titus Riedl, Valda Nogueira, Vincent Catala, Virginia de Medeiros, Vitor Casemiro, Yago Gonçalves.

Beatriz Bracher, Jarid Arraes, Jeferson Tenório, João Almino, Geovani Martins, Milton Hatoum.

Case Study Production:
Annie Carmichael

Case Study Photography:
Mari Juliano


Gravity from ABC Dinamo
Ivar Text from Letters from Sweden
Scto Grotesk B from Schick Toikka
Millionaire Italic from Altiplano

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