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With over 20 million monthly active users, Shop is a go-to app for many when it comes to shopping and tracking packages. Whether it's a speedy checkout at your favorite store with Shop Pay, a notification that your package finally arrived, or the relationship your small business has built with loyal customers—Shop makes commerce better for merchants and buyers alike.

But despite the app’s popularity, Shop faced a perception challenge. People still thought of the brand as just “that purple button” or a package-tracker, not a delightful shopping destination. In 2021, the Shop team invited us to evolve their visual identity to reflect a shift in their brand and product: from function-first to community-driven, transactional to aspirational. Maintaining Shop’s core equities—their logo and Shop Purple—we systematized what was already working with a more expansive toolkit to build out their brand world.

Starting with a logo refinement, we reconstructed Shop’s signature ‘o’ to make the mark more balanced, polished, and scalable. Easily legible in small product descriptions and highly expressive in bold, all-caps headlines, a new brand typeface—Good Sans—brings a more ownable voice across app and communication touchpoints.

An expanded color palette allows the brand to speak to different products and merchants without an overreliance on Purple, supported by an off-white and warm black. Color shows up in the brand’s 2D sticker language, too. Inspired by old-school price tags, these diverse shapes can be superimposed on imagery to highlight secondary information without overshadowing the central message or product. Scaled up alone or clustered together, they’re equal parts function and play.

A new photography approach captures the personalities of Shop buyers and merchants through contextual lifestyle shots and portraits, bringing people to the forefront of the brand’s expression. Products themselves become the protagonists of stylized, larger-than-life scenes, while close-up shots capture unexpected views of the objects in crisp detail.

Taken together, the new toolkit marks key evolutions for Shop: from a transactional brand to an aspirational one; from a function-first app to community-driven platform; from package tracker to shopping destination with an editorial point of view.


Creative Direction:
Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto

Nathan Fyock, Rachel Quan, Luis Alejandro

Marcos Rodrigues, Niclas Resch

Young Woo

Project Management:
Nicholas Schroder, Claren Walker

Case Study Production
Nathan Fyock, Chae Park, Bryce Carson

Interactive Design:
Marcos Rodrigues, Niclas Resch

Motion Design:
Thales Muniz

Mari Juliano

Annie Carmichael

Roshita Thomas

Project Management:
Luciana Thiesen, Samantha Cruz


Good Sans by Good Type Foundry

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